Free Meditations

Michael Bobby and Jessica 16-01-2009

Meditation Podcast Enchanting Close your eyes and enjoy the most beautiful and deeply penetrating sounds Click on the Play button to hear this Podcast – If you would like to automatically receive every new Meditation Podcast, click on the Podcast Icon and then select the way that you would like to receive it (Under ‘Actions’ […]

How to Heal the World

How to Heal the World By Owen Waters The Shift to the New Reality has been gaining speed for many years. We have now entered a phase of The Shift which is now bringing rapid transformation to our world. Heart-centred consciousness is the gateway to spiritual consciousness. Spiritually-minded people today are transforming the world from […]

Change Your Life through the Use of Sound

Change Your Life through the Use of Sound By: Dattatreya Siva Baba. The real way to dramatically change your life is through sound.  Consciousness itself is sound.  So if you change sounds within the system, you can make lasting changes in your life. All that you need to do is to change the sounds of […]

A One Minute Meditation

A One Minute Meditation: By: Dattatreya Siva Baba. OM NA MA SHI VA YA (Om Nama Shivaya) is a Divine tool that can not only improve every aspect of your life, but also improve conditions on the entire planet. Meditating on Om. At the level of human existence, Ah creates the waking state of human […]

The Jyoti Meditation as taught by Sai Bab

The Jyoti Meditation as taught by Sai Baba: Jyothi (flame) Meditation is the foremost spiritual discipline geared towards gaining inner peace. 1. We should have a fixed time and place every day where we sit for meditation either in the morning and/or evening. 2. We should sit on a thin mattress for this exercise.  The […]