Academy Committee Members

The Academy of Light was originally founded by Rosemary and John Butterworth. After  22 yrs of devoted service through the Southern Cross Academy of Light / Academy of Light, and 12 years of weekly commutes to their farm they have permanently relocated to their beloved Jacaranda Haven.  We are very pleased to announce that we have a new Committee of talented and dedicated souls - some new, some familiar - who have stepped up to assist in the running of AOL.



I’m a Sound Healer and Family Constellations facilitator and run regular Sound Baths and facilitate Family Constellations workshops. I love to activate the body's innate healing abilities through beautiful high vibrational sounds and bring more balance into people’s lives by resolving anything that’s holding them back.

I have a background in working in the arts combined with finances while learning about spirituality and different healing modalities. I've been a member on different Committee’s in the arts in the Netherlands as well as in Australia.

I have been coming to the AOL for about ten years, and have enjoyed the wide range of interesting speakers enriching me in many ways. I am very honoured that I am able to help continue this wonderful legacy to bring more light into the world at this auspicious time we’re in. It is more important than ever to be with like-minded souls and feel their support.


Vice President - Sharie Kennedy-Wren

Sharie worked in the financial services industry for 30 years and retired 2 years ago. She has always had an interest in spirituality and the metaphysical world. She has completed a number of courses including Numerology, crystal healing, colour therapy, energy healing exploring different systems and modalities for her personal interest.

Recently she has been studying the Human Design system which has many facets including Astrology, Hindu chakras energy centres, the Kabbalah tree of life, I Ching and Quantum Physics which provides a deeper knowledge and understanding of who you are and your life purpose. Sharie is looking forward to being involved in the Academy of Light to connect with like minded individuals and to support the group as we all continue on our spiritual journey.


Secretary - Ros Bongiorno

Ros is an Integrative Dietitian and Energy Practitioner. She combines her passion for nutrition with healing via energy work in her work with clients. With her background in science she is particularly interested in Quantum Physics and the technical aspects of our Soul.

She has been attending AOL since 2018 and joined the committee to help the group thrive and continue to provide a place for lightworkers to both learn and support each other on the north side of Sydney. She has taken on the secretarial duty and as a relatively new member she looks forward to meeting everyone in person as the year progresses.


Committee Member - Carmel Vowles

I am a Bowen Therapist and am passionate to support people in their journey to look at life in new ways through healing modalities, NLP, self awareness coaching and other self healing modalities. I am a Funeral Celebrant and support those who are facing the end of life.


Committee Member - Janene Stevens

I am a Holistic Healer. I commenced my studies with Acupuncture starting in 1977. Since then I was led to studying many things, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Myofascial release, Pregnancy & infant Massage, Reiki, Crystal Chakra Balance, Flower Essences, Nutrition & Herbs.

I also had a fascination with the mind, body & spirit connection & found adding this connection to other treatments was very effective. At one AOL meeting I met Brian Cattermole & later gifted a Spirit doctor who had formerly been a Medical Doctor, Dr. Julian. He sometimes makes his presence felt when I'm doing a Reiki treatment.

I am currently semi-retired & love travel, meeting new people - especially where there is a divine connection. I have a son Jamie & 2 gorgeous grandchildren with whom I like to spend as much time as possible. I also love theatre, movies & music.

I have been coming to the Academy of Light off & on for many years & love the information & spiritual connections & nourishment.


Committee Member - Lean Kaw

I have a Finance Systems background & was involved with multiple technology start-ups until 2012 when I began my spiritual journey. Deep dived into Sumerian history, Bhagavadgita, Emerald Tablets of Toth, Zeta technologies, Shamanism & Exopolitics. I enjoy sharing & run a monthly meetup group in Redfern.